How a business transformation consultant can shape strategic success

1ovmany's Business Transformation Consultants can help you to make the right business decisions by ensuring you understand the systematic consequences each decision could have.

24 January 2023

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In an increasingly eclectic working environment, businesses need to be continually developing their strategic approach.

Performing the same processes repeatedly for years won’t succeed in today’s marketplace.

Transforming a firm, though, is challenging. Many enterprises exhibit a high degree of path dependency, and typically continue in the same direction.

That’s where a business transformation consultant can help...

A business transformation consultant specialises in assisting established enterprises to adapt to the demands of the marketplace.

They address skill-gaps, managerial ineptitude, branding issues, and unproductive processes.

By the end of an business transformation engagement, your organisation and its culture should look and feel entirely different.

How business transformation works

Business transformation is a holistic professional service designed to assist with every aspect of your firm, from corporate culture to product strategy.

A business transformation consultant studies your organisation’s performance to understand your challenges and then offers solutions.

The assistance you get depends on the areas that require attention or reconstruction.

Consultants offer various categories of transformation to assist your enterprise. Which can include:

Process Transformation

Process Transformation audits your operations and shows you how you can improve.

Consultants may provide recommendations or intervene directly to improve the situation, focusing on product development, logistics, and operating expenses.

Technological Transformation

Technological transformation involves overhauling the tools your firm uses to generate output.

It could include adjusting your IT network, digitising products, implementing new systems, or reducing office administration.

Organisational Transformation

Lastly, organisational transformations involve changing how staff think, their attitudes, and your enterprise’s structure.

Consultants may recommend hierarchy changes, new working practices, and alterations to your labour agreements.

What a business transformation consultant does

A business transformation consultant from 1ovmany provides several services designed to help your enterprise achieve its goals and mission.

Our business transformation consultants assist on all levels, including defining your objectives.

The precise advice you receive depends on the nature and structure of your operations.

However, most consultants provide some combination of the following services:

  • Enhanced process design. Here, our consultants audit your existing operations and offer advice on how to improve them. They may write reports, allowing you to visualise how changes could make your firm more productive. Or they may actively manage process agility themselves, enhancing operations long-term.

  • Testing changes to your business’s structure. Consultants may also liaise with your executive team to change how you arrange your people. Some industries require more horizontal box-and-line charts, while others benefit from vertical management styles.

  • Workshop and seminar organisation. Consultants also organise meetings and group consultations to discuss your business’s needs and how to fulfil them. As with any form of consulting, it is a partnership. Your firm and the consultant work together to implement change.

Working with an external 1ovmany consultant is advantageous as it provides a fresh perspective.

You can quickly see where your firm is lagging behind competitors and what can be done to improve your positioning.

You'll also discover issues that may have gone unidentified amongst your team or were continually failing to be addressed, from problems with your CRM to issues with suppliers.

Why business transformation consulting is worth it

Business transformation can feel like an uphill battle – and it is. However, patience pays off...

Over time, the character and culture of your enterprise will change, and your firm will emerge from struggle to flourishing.

The main benefit of a business transformation consultant is that they help you grow your organisation.

The right partners make it easier to scale. You can reach profitability faster and secure your business’ long-term future.

Another benefit is organisational harmony. Improved processes and interpersonal relationships make management significantly easier.

Lastly, a business transformation consultant helps to improve efficiency and branding, helping businesses gain more market share.

How to get the most out of business transformation consulting

To get the most out of business transformation consulting with 1ovmany, we advise addressing the following focus-points:

Set out a vision for your firm. Make sure you know what you are aiming for with your team.

Work out who you need to help you transform your business. Comprise a list of key players.

Figure out what risks you face and what you can do to mitigate them. Wholesale transformation can be disruptive.

Define your values. Ask whether your objectives align with all stakeholders and, if not, why not?

Work out how much time and resources you will need to dedicate to the business transformation process.

When it comes to business transformation, senior managers and leadership have a lot to think about.

This can often lead to a feeling of overload, with too much work to be done and not enough resources to achieve the desired effect.

However, a business transformation consultant from 1ovmany can help significantly and lighten the load.

Our experts provide end-to-end guidance, enabling you to build a more successful enterprise long-term.

Book a consultation today and see what we can do for you!

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