Improving services through technology

Improving services through technology

We help organisations experiencing rapid growth and change set themselves up for investment and funding.

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This is what we do

This is what we do

We know how hard scaling a company can be. We've helped many and our ourselves to scale up.

We have built strong connections to the Venture Capital and Private Equity Markets where our Growth and Funding consultancy can serve you as you undergoing rapid growth and change, and go in search of invesment.

We can help you develop your business strategically, rather than organically, and to create the organisational strategy and execution that will capture funding and increase your close out.

Challenges to growth

From our collective experience in transformation we have come to learn the following challenges you will need to overcome

Change the focus on Delivery to Outcomes

Many business leaders look to transformation to increase speed of delivery, but its not speed we really seek but impact and value. It's hard to align to outcomes over outputs.

As we grow communication breakdown

Employees are unable to operate at pace, inhibited by bottle necks that manifest through alignment and collaboration challenges, slowing the organisations decision making and capability down.

Inability to utilise data and insights

Many organisations are not able to bring the promises of Data capture and utilisation to the bear, either drowning in data that overwhelms the ability to make decisions or unable to connect insights to tangible changes and customer impacts.

How can 1ovmany help?

How can 1ovmany help?

Our mission is to empower the right people to solve the problems that drive measurable outcomes.

We do this by helping organisations reach their full potential through continous and sustainable transformation, redesigning and rethinking how they approach customer delivery and product excellence to create lasting customer value.

From this we can improve your investor relations and drive business worth for you and your investors.

How do we help?

How do we engage and support you on your growth and investment journey


Enhance your organisational strategy execution

In this phase, we help you to identify and design your strategy using the 1ovmany 'Strategy Management Framework'. This approach provides structure to how your strategy is articulated, cascaded and tracked throughout the organisation, ensuring that the desired business value is being delivered and reported to your board and investors.


Assess the organisational state and transformation options

Adoption of OKRs and modern Product techniques requires organisations that are set up to work in this way and succeed. Here we assess your organisation and create an as-is understanding of where the new business structures need to be and also to identify the measures of change to ensure the change initiative creates tangible value.


Capability Creation and Optimisation

This is where we focus on waste reduction, automation, and the creation of opportunities for value-added work. By analysing existing processes, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing appropriate measures, we help you to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and drive cost savings. Our aim is to optimise business processes to enable you to focus on high-value activities and achieve your strategic goals.


Generate Insights

We place great emphasis on collecting and analysing data to assess performance and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging data-driven insights, we provide valuable recommendations and ideation for optimising processes, enhancing customer experiences, and driving overall business success. Our data-driven approach enables us to make informed decisions and deliver tangible outcomes for you and your investors.

Working with the consultant team at 1ovmany was transformative. They expertly bridged cultural gaps between us and the firms we acquired, guiding us towards a united direction. Their insights were pivotal in steering our organisation towards shared goals and outcomes.

Chairman, Solarix Ventures

Jeffrey Green

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