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This is our story, what makes us tick and who we are

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We help organisations unfold human potential, designing business strategy and operational excellence that manifest extraordinary employee experiences.

Our mission

We help organisations understand how to unfold their human potential by designing business strategy and operational excellence that manifest extraordinary employee experiences. 

Our vision

We see a world in which organisations place employee experience at their heart, freeing the organisation to bring the best of itself.

Our origin

Over the course of several years, working together in combinations through various engagements, the founders met, and came to establish that they had common experiences in their efforts to transform organisations.

Whilst working to with some of the UK’s best known brands, they were also learning. Learning about how often they were being asked to work on areas in isolation, how often they were hitting organisational impediments to change, how often transformations failed and why those that were successful actually worked.

Without realising it, the founders of 1ov developed a common philosophy. One of how organisations do better for their customers when they put those working for them at the heart of how they do business and align their business strategy and technical operations to support that. They also developed a common philosophy on how organisational change only really happens successfully when the whole system is considered, no matter how small the change itself.

As the founders realised their common conclusions and complementary talents, and a shared desire to do something genuinely ethically beneficial, it became obvious that they could achieve much more working together than apart. 1ov was born. 

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Meet the founders behind 1ov


Mike Horwath

Mike believes that organisations are designed on outdated practices and cultural models that are no longer relatable to our customers and employees. Having first hand experience of how it feels to be disengaged and disempowered at work, he set out on a mission to have the best employment experience possible.

On that journey he’s had the privilege to work with some of the UK best-known brands Lloyds, RBS, Sky, Mastercard, Penguin and internet pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee through which he came to the conclusion that he wanted to help others have the best possible employment experience, forming 1ov with his Co-Founders to work for you.

A picture of Taner Kapucu Co-founder of 1ovmany


Taner Kapucu

What Taner hopes for the world of work is to see organisations that harness the potential of the teams they have within them to spark innovation and creativity in their pursuit for success. 

He believes strong coaching cultures can connect people and build the right spaces for people to flourish so that work doesn’t feel like a job but rather an invitation to become more.

He is a multi disciplined professional and organisational nomad, with a career which has spanned across film media all the way to financial services with a focus in the last 7 years on agile and digital transformations, so lots to share from stories of triumph and learnings from personal experiences of being in the mix as a change agent.


Peter Street

Peter believes that people should be able to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work. Systems, processes, technology, and relationships should enhance a person’s day, helping them achieve, support each other and gain satisfaction and pride from their work. The way an organisation operates it’s people and technology can make this happen. 

An engineer at heart, he has been on both the technical front line and successfully led in making complex architectures manageable, delivering code to live, facilitating operational transformations to a DevOps culture, and adopting the latest thinking in Site Reliability Engineering. 

He co-founded 1ov out of a desire to make a bigger difference to the quality of working life.

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Our wish is for any engagement with 1ov to be a coming together of expertise, so please do reach out to us for a conversation if any of what you read here interests you. There’s no obligation to do anything more than chat about our areas of expertise! 

We always appreciate the chance to connect and maybe join with you in our eco-system of like minded change agents. 

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