Understand your business holistically through our systems thinking and strategic alignment process. 

Business Transformation

This is what we do

Systems thinking in management and business operations can help you to make the right business decisions by ensuring you understand the systematic consequences each decision could have.

We can help you avoid wasted time and money by adopting our systems approach to the management of your organisation and ensure any business transformation activity is aligned to the purpose of the organisation and the needs of your customers.

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This is how we do it:

Systems picture creation

We create unique and bespoke maps of your organisation that reveal insights about how your organisation really works and challenges preheld assumptions through the use of data and facts.

Strategy Review

Strategy is hard to derive and even harder to communicate well. We help you redefine your strategy to achieve the purpose of your organisation from the perspective of your customers.

Strategy deployment

We help organisations to achieve the benefits of OKRs, through our strategic alignment process and by providing a fully managed OKR rollout programme including training and OKR coaching.

Challenge your assumptions and discover opportunity.

Too many leaders are deep in the weeds of the challenge, without a chance to view a fuller picture of the organisation, decisions are made that optimise for their departments or areas, not for the whole organisation.

We help those leaders gain a new perspective through our Business Transformation services.

Organisational Design and Implementation

We are able to help design the right structure and models for your organisation, as well as the process, and cultural changes needed to make it successful.

Agile Ways of Working

1ovmany can help with understanding where your teams are facing challenges in working together seamlessly, how to overcome those challenges and how to thrive in an unpredictable fast moving world.

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Our Business Transformation team will help you focus on:


Organisational Design and Implementation

How is the organisation impacting your ability to deliver and operate? Does your structure impact on processes negatively, affecting communication and collaboration to deliver what your customers want?


Performance, Productivity, and Effectiveness

How is the performance of your product, delivery and systems measured? Imagine visualising your business performance, adapting to changing circumstances based on impact and business value.


Strategy and Communication

How well does your organisation live and breathe strategy? Is it something done once a year by the senior leadership or is it owned, aligned and engaged at all levels across the whole of the organisation?


Performance, Productivity, and Effectiveness

How is the performance of your product, delivery and systems measured? Imagine visualising your business performance, adapting to changing circumstances based on impact and business value.


Collaboration and Co-ordination

How well does collaboration happen between your teams and the alignment between teams across departments? Many organisations are unaware of how the company system, the way you have set yourself up, prevents teams from aligning and engaging. We can help you understand this challenge from a fresh perspective.

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Who we are

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We're practitioners, partners and change guides. 

We have a common philosophy: organisations do better for their customers when they put those working for them at the heart of how they do business, and align their business strategy and technical operations to support that.

We also believe organisational change only really happens successfully when the whole system is considered, no matter how small the change itself.

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What's Our Approach

How we do it

We provide public training and bespoke corporate training services to help individuals and organisations learn, embrace and adopt new ways of working. 

We are also practitioners, working hand in hand with our customers through teaching and coaching engagements for individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop.  

Our discovery services are designed to help you see your organisation in a new and different way. So often we find leaders well intended but unable to see the whole picture and without the time or resources to do so. 

We are experts in understanding the true source of value demand and value management  in organisations, allowing us to paint a picture of your true current, and potential performance.

We are passionate about taking you and your people on a journey, either through offloading capability and up-skilling your people, or transforming the operational and technical environment to a desired future state.

Transformation work, or adopting new ways of operating, is not simple and not all approaches will work. There are a multitude of reasons for failure, sometimes a different approach is all that is required.

1ovmany’s teams have amassed a large amount of experience in fixing failed or failing transformations and putting them back on track. 

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Exceed customer expectations through improving business processes and culture.

1ovmany's Business Transformation team can help you focus on doing the work that brings value to your customers and business rather than wrestling with people, process and technology issues. Get in touch with us today!

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