OKR Consulting

OKR Consulting

Partner with 1ovmany for expert OKR consulting, ensuring a smooth and successful rollout for your company's OKRs.

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The impact of OKR Consulting

The impact of OKR Consulting

Having delved into 'Measure What Matters,' you're now poised to roll out OKRs company-wide.

However, a concerning study* reveals a 60% failure rate among companies adopting OKRs. Fear not – your rollout can defy this trend.

1ovmany’s OKR consulting serves as a crucial remedy to address the challenge of insufficient experience and expertise in implementing OKRs.

Our team has played a pivotal role in guiding organisations such as the BBC and Natwest in adopting OKRs. We're eager to extend our expertise and enthusiasm to unlock the full potential of OKRs with you.

How OKR Consulting can help you

Approaching OKRs with confidence

OKR Rollout Planning

We'll assist you in crafting your OKR rollout plan as a pilot program or a full implementation. Our goal is to ensure that your plan is meticulously designed, taking into consideration your current strategy, goals, and performance management processes.

OKR Creation & Communication

Securing crucial leadership buy-in and top-level support is paramount. We specialise in crafting comprehensive communication plans that effectively convey the purpose, benefits, and expectations of OKRs to all stakeholders.

OKR Training

Upskilling your team and fostering the necessary cultural shift is pivotal. We emphasise training and education to enhance the capabilities of your people, ensuring they grasp the principles, methodology, and best practices for crafting impactful OKRs.

How we helped BBC Studios to implement OKRs

How we helped BBC Studios to implement OKRs

We began by training two Product Teams in a small engagement. The impact and enthusiasm for OKRs expanded, prompting the entire Technology and Operations to partner with 1ovmany.

We initiated by aligning the senior leadership team, followed by team-based training and coaching, facilitating the complete OKR implementation across the organisation

"Thanks to you and the team. It went really well, and we’re certainly getting plenty of feedback to that effect, so a very sincere thank you".

Product Group: Chief of Staff

OKR Consulting

We’ll help you create the following future state


Alignment through OKRs

OKRs bring teams and individuals into alignment with the overarching vision and strategic goals, guaranteeing a unified direction.

As organisations evolve, change, or innovate, achieving clarity in messaging, direction, and defining success can be complex and challenging.

When implemented effectively, OKRs strengthen your capacity to tackle these issues, eliminating ambiguity and reducing waste when people go in the wrong direction.


Strategic Execution

The OKR Framework helps to translate strategic priorities into actionable plans, ensuring effective execution during rapid growth phases.

With alignment, resources, including time, talent, and budget, can be allocated more efficiently toward strategic priorities. This prevents duplication of efforts and maximises the impact of available resources.

The OKR system will also provide fast feedback and monitoring of how effective you have been in executing on your strategy.


Focus & Data

When you first create OKRs, knowing what to pursue and how to measure the results you're striving for can be a challenge; metric selection is crucial to avoiding misaligned objectives.

Addressing data quality, availability, and integration ensures real-time access for tracking and assessing results without hindrance.

Part of our OKR Consulting service involves designing a Data Playbook to resolve these challenges and help everyone in the organisation create impactful OKRs.



As your organisation grows, OKRs can seamlessly grow with it, offering a scalable framework for setting goals and managing strategy.

The OKR Method serves as an infinitely scalable overlay framework, to support you and your team as you scale and grow.

That's why we advocate for the utilisation of an open-source framework, complemented by a comprehensive training pathway which goes beyond the support that an individual or specialist can offer.

I want to get started with a massive thank you for last week - it was bloody brilliant! I have had overwhelmingly great feedback, the buy-in is so high and I have had messages from almost everyone about how excited they are for the changes ahead. Truly masterful facilitation!

Operations & People Manager

FinTech Scale Up

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