Manage and monitor your business portfolio

Manage and monitor your business portfolio

We provide Strategy Management and Monitoring services for portfolio health and goal alignment.

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This is what we do

This is what we do

We help organisations to manage and monitor their Investment Portfolio. We can align your Investees to their strategy and monitor whether they are delivering on it to ensure they achieve their target valuations.

Executing on strategy is the biggest challenge organisations are facing into regardless of size and history. We will help your Investees to create and manage an executable strategy, equipped with real time feedback loops, supported by our Transformation consultants to optimise and improve their value realisation.

This is 1ovmany's Strategy Management as a Service offering.

What we do

Our approach is designed to solve three challenges

Inadequate Investor Reports

In today's fast-paced business landscape, clients demand instant data access; agility in displaying diverse metrics is crucial. As service differentiation intensifies, modern strategies are paramount for optimised reporting.

Strategy not being executed

Failures in executing a strategy can stem from traditional implementation methods. Often, these missteps are nearly inevitable, hindering an organisation's efforts to effectively realise its vision.

Being hands on

For clients with constrained capacity, the challenge is ensuring seamless operations. Our consultancy addresses this by furnishing bespoke support, cultivating client acumen via trainings, streamlining tools and processes and ensuring timely updates

Strategy Management as a Service

Strategy Management as a Service

Strategy Management as a Service (SMaaS) is a modern approach allowing businesses to outsource parts of their strategic planning and execution to external specialists. Instead of being limited by in-house resources, firms can access the specialised knowledge, tools, and techniques of third-party providers.

At its heart, SMaaS supports businesses in navigating the intricacies of today's markets. It offers a structured framework that includes setting clear objectives, monitoring performance metrics, and adapting strategies based on timely feedback. By utilising this service, businesses can remain agile, adjusting to market changes more adeptly than with only internal resources.

How we do it

How do we work your Investees


Validate organisational Strategy

Validating organisational strategy involves assessing its alignment with market realities, stakeholder expectations, and internal capabilities. It's crucial to gather data, engage stakeholders for feedback, conduct SWOT analysis, and test strategic initiatives on a small scale. Regular reviews ensure the strategy remains relevant, and adjustments are made as market dynamics evolve. Monitoring KPIs and setting benchmarks further validate the strategy's effectiveness and potential success


Align the Organisation to OKRs

Aligning organisations to OKRs involves educating teams on their principles, defining objectives mirroring the company's vision, collaborating on relevant Key Results, maintaining transparency of OKRs organisation-wide, reviewing OKRs quarterly, using dedicated software for tracking, celebrating successes, addressing shortcomings, and instilling a continuous improvement culture where OKRs are central to discussions. This alignment approach ensures maintained focus and clear direction


Generate Insights & Optimise

Generating insight and optimising performance requires collecting data from various functions, applying advanced analytics for pattern recognition, establishing measurable KPIs, creating feedback mechanisms, using technology for real-time oversight, cultivating a data-centric decision-making culture, and consistently revising strategies based on findings. Such a comprehensive method ensures enduring organisational growth


Monitor and Align

Monitor and align within organisations by establishing resonant KPIs, utilising real-time dashboards for insight, holding frequent team reviews, fostering open communication to rectify misalignments, harnessing technology to spot deviations, emphasising team training, and adapting strategies based on feedback. This continuous alignment and vigilance ensures organisations maintain agility and a proactive stance

Working with the consultant team at 1ovmany was transformative. They expertly bridged cultural gaps between us and the firms we acquired, guiding us towards a united direction. Their insights were pivotal in steering our organisation towards shared goals and outcomes.

Chairman, Solarix Ventures

Jeffrey Green

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