Unlock Your Business Potential With Agile Coaching

Discover how Agile Coaching could hold the key to unlocking the true potential of your people and processes.

20 November 2022

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An Agile mindset begins with the simple concept that flexibility is the key to business and personal development.

But how do you integrate this into your existing business practices?

Agile coaching can help you develop your team’s skills and approach to collaboration.

Statistics support that Agile projects have a 60% higher success rate than traditional business projects, while Agile businesses also see a 60% increase in revenue after adopting Agile methodology.

Read on to find out how Agile coaching with 1ovmany can radically transform your company’s success.

What Is Agile Coaching?

Agile coaching is the mentorship and coaching of business leaders and teams to help them become higher performers and more flexible in their working approach.

An Agile coach adopts the principles of Agile methodology in their training approach.

Agile practices outline that the core goal is completing a task rather than the focus being on how they get there.

Agile coaches will help business leaders and individuals at a team level adjust their approach to work.

They will transform your business by allowing individuals to work where, when and how they work best.

Agile methodology focuses on reaching a set of deadlines and then allowing for rest between tasks.

It encourages individuals to focus on a positive work-life balance, celebrate success and lets people thrive in their working environment.

How Do Agile Coaches Work?

An Agile coach is a leader in the Agile methodology, which is the grounding behind their coaching techniques.

1ovmany will work with you as a co-partner to outline an Agile transformation plan, and our Agile coaches are the ones that help you navigate the journey.

Agile coaching is based on the following guiding principles:

Teaching & Mentorship 

An Agile coach will mentor and guide you and your teams in Agile management principles.

They will help your team adapt to and thrive in a new way of working.

By identifying each individual's strengths as a team, an Agile coach can help your employees develop professionally.

Process Change

An Agile coach will help businesses and their teams adjust to the Agile transformation plan in a streamlined and hassle-free way.

Your Agile team facilitator will help guide your team through adopting an Agile approach and help them make positive decisions and solutions that will best support your business.

Agile Mindset Shift

An Agile coach will encourage your team to work in ways that suit them best.

Our Agile coaches work within Agile frameworks themselves, so are in the best possible position to advocate for the positives behind Agile working.

Technical Leadership

Our Agile coaches are experts in Product and technical management within an Agile framework.

From software development to Agile transformation planning, our coaches can advise in several business-critical ways.

These solutions-focused coaches will impart essential advice on successfully launching and developing products within your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Agile Coach?

An Agile coach is a powerful tool in the transition to Agile working.

The benefits of directly working with an Agile coach include:

  • Transformation on an individual level - 1ovmany takes enterprise Agile coaching directly to your teams. Inspire business-wide change at a team level and see the transformation across your business.

  • Inspiring employee confidence - working with an Agile coach shows your employees that you are prepared to invest in them and will boost the trust needed for staff to transition to the Agile process.

  • Management buy-in - management buy-in can help you win around your management team and ensure they can guide their employees to success.

  • Enhanced productivity - working with an Agile coach can encourage your business leaders and employees of all levels to work in a way that suits them.

  • Impress your clients - many prefer to work with businesses within Agile frameworks. Demonstrating to your clients that you have robust Agile methodology frameworks will help solicit new business.

  • Improve employee retention - working with an Agile coach will empower your employees to work the way that suits them best. You’ll see an increase in retention and save money over time.

Process for a typical coaching engagement | James Clark Process for a typical coaching engagement | James Clark

What Changes Will An Agile Coach Suggest?

An Agile coach can help you make several business changes that will transform your team’s performance.

Some suggested changes you can expect may include:

    • Transforming the way your business space works to optimise business hours.
    • Adjusting to hybrid work styles to optimise employee work-life balance.
    • Speeding up project timelines and allowing for staff rest days post-deadline.

Your Agile coach will work with you to find the best adjustments for your business transformation.

How Are Agile Coaches Certified?

All of our Agile coaches are certificated in specialist coaching and a wide range of Agile methodologies.

Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is the leader of an Agile software development team.

Scrum teams work in set increments or sprints to reach a required goal.

The Scrum Master acts as the mouthpiece for these teams and ensures that they stay on track.

Our Agile coaches are all certified Scrum Masters, putting them in an excellent position to lead and train managers and employees.

Scrum Kanban Methodology

Scrum Kanban methodology is an Agile framework which allows for workload allocation based on realistic and available resources.

Workboards, known as Kanban boards, help teams visualise their workload.

Our Agile coaches are all well-versed in Kanban methodology and can utilise this as a helpful training tool for your employees.

Coach Certificate

Our Agile professionals are fully trained coaches with coaching certificates.

Each expert is adept at bringing out the best in individuals and teams.

They are not just specialists in Agile project management but leaders in coaching and bringing out the potential of everyone they train.

Transform Your Business Today With Agile Coaching

Agile coaching can be the key to adopting Agile methodology in your business.

It can help encourage employee and management buy-in and make your Agile transformation plan successful.

Talk with our qualified Agile coaches today and connect with us to start transforming your organisation.

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