OKR Certification

Become a Certified OKR Creator with Accreditation from the Leading Method in OKRs

Discover a superior way to master OKRs at your own pace. Our approach stands out from the rest, recognising that true learning happens through dynamic discussions and expert guidance. Gain a prestigious OKR Creator Certification showcasing your expertise with our thoughtfully crafted online course.

The Benefits


A community forum to discuss concepts with your peers


Blended learning from videos, downloads, quizzes and exercises


Access to expert OKR consultants who can answer your questions


An accreditation on the OKR Method, the world’s most comprehensive and freely available guide for the implementation of OKRs


A mobile app to learn on the go

Don’t just believe us. Listen to our customers.

Amazing! Best learning experience since starting agile 13 years ago. Really helps with the ability of the teams to innovate/hypothesise around outcomes, then measure if they are succeeding

I have a clear understanding of the approach and development of OKRs

I have finally a good overview of what OKRs are for and enjoyed how engaging the course was

The course was well structured, with plenty of good clear examples throughout each key stage of why, how and when to work with OKRs

This course is essential for anyone who wants to learn to use OKRs effectively in their teams. Many courses will tell you how to write good OKRs. But it’s another thing to know how to USE them. This course is for anyone that is part of a team looking to implement OKRs, and drive real benefit.

Community Forum

Community Forum

A space for you to discuss concepts with other people doing the course

Access to experts

Access to experts

Expert OKR consultants who can answer any questions that aren’t clear from the course

Mobile App

Mobile App

All lessons are available on the app, so you can learn from your mobile.

Blended learning

Blended learning

Learn from videos, pdf downloads, tests, written exercises and more!

Accreditation with the OKR Method

Accreditation with the OKR Method

Become accredited with the world’s most comprehensive and freely available guide for the implementation of OKRs

With our learning pathway, you will be ready to gain all the benefits of OKRs for your team. You will have a clear structure for creating your OKRs, track the value you are delivering, and give you the data that you need to stay agile.

One of the only courses that gives you community-based learning, access to experts and an accreditation. No other course gives you the opportunity to learn like this in your own time. Enrol today for £299.

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Our Instructors

Tom Whiteley

Tom Whiteley

OKR Consultant

Tom has 10 years of experience of working with and in cross-functional product teams.

He’s coached startups and larger organisations to implement OKRs, as well as implementing them in his own businesses to communicate strategy and provide focus and alignment.

Erin Davies

Erin Davies

Agile Consultant

Erin has been an agile coach and trainer for the past 10 years working with teams in a variety of settings and industries.

She has observed many common pitfalls in the use of OKRs across all these teams, and has coached them to use OKRs effectively.

Money back if you don’t see the benefit

If you complete the course but you feel that we haven’t delivered the outcomes we promised,
then you can get 100% of your money back.

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Enterprise options available

We can create bespoke learning environments for whole organisations to learn together.
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Companies we have trained

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About 1ovmany

About 1ovmany

1ovmany are experts in OKR implementation. Our founders are the creators of the OKR Method. We aim to do consultancy differently by drinking our own champagne. We use OKRs internally at 1ovmany, and we train all new joiners in the OKR Method.

We’ve trained over 1,000 delegates on the OKR Creator Course. We’ve coached over 100 teams in OKR creation and fully deployed the OKR Method in 5 organisations as big as 300,000 employees. We currently work with tier 1 banks & several companies based in the financial sector.


  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    It will take about 7 hours to complete all the material (including the videos and exercises).

  • How long will I have access to the content?

  • How will the course be delivered?

  • What are the benefits of OKR Certification?