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Objectives & Key Results are transforming the way organisations create, communicate and execute on strategy. 

Done well, OKRs can be transformative for organisations, creating autonomy, ownership, accountability and alignment. It can enable more efficient utilisation of organisational resources as the impact and outcomes of initiatives and activity are reported with more regularity, increased granularity, and improved clarity.

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This is how we help organisations implement OKRs:

OKR Implementation

We remove the challenge and risk of implementing OKRs into your organisation by designing, planning, executing and providing ongoing support for lasting success.

OKR Training

We provide OKR training through public and private courses, also through classroom, virtual classroom and e-learning options. We also provide a unique OKRs community for ongoing support and learning.

OKR Coaching

Our coaches are highly skilled with years of experience across multiple sectors and organisational sizes from Start-up to Scale-ups and Multi-National highly regulated companies.

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How can OKR consultants help?

OKRs are a powerful strategy management system, but they require the appropriate investment into adoption and implementation.

Popularity in Objectives & Key Results has risen in recent years, resulting in adoptions that haven’t provided the benefits expected; no increase in alignment, engagement or focus.

To solve this problem, we took our combined experience as coaches and trainers to create a comprehensive system for developing, communicating and adapting OKR-based corporate strategy.

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Read articles and insights from our practitioners. 

The OKR Canvas

Our OKR Canvas is a facilitation tool for groups to create OKRs with greater confidence and remain aligned to the organisational strategy.

Why OKRs Fail

Top 5 OKR fails you need to know and how to avoid them with some practical advice.

Our OKR Consultants will help you focus on:


OKR Readiness

How ready is your organisation to create, communicate and manage strategy? Where is your structure impacting processes negatively and affecting communication and collaboration?


OKR Design and Implementation

We provide end-to-end OKR implementation programmes, custom designed to take your organisation through the OKR adoption journey. We co-create a well-articulated plan for executing and achieving the outcomes we desire through the OKR Implementation process.


OKR Training

Using OKRs is not just a case of constructing the OKR, it must involve an understanding of how they will work in your organisation and what events and activities are needed to support this in a consistent format. We create customised training programmes to support your implementation and ensure everyone understands how to use OKRs effectively.


Integration with your current ways of working

OKRs can be integrated into many frameworks and methodologies from SAFe to Scrum and Kanban. Our team are vastly experienced at maximising the experience that exists in your organisation to leverage a successful OKR implementation.


OKR Coaching and Team Support

Here we provide relevant, ongoing support and coaching to ensure your adoption achieves the stated outcomes of the OKR Implementation. We are able to off-load capability at a rapid rate as our consultants are trained professional coaches, with a deep set of industry-wide experiences.

Feedback from our partners

We take a huge amount of pride in how our partners describe us, even if most of the time we can't formally acknowledge them.

Product Owner Financial Institution

The training and support have been first class. Whilst the concept and methodology are actually much more difficult than it seems, Mike has been brilliant at simplifying the logic with examples.

Agile Coach Financial Institution

Amazing. Best learning experience since starting Agile 13 years ago. Really helps with the ability for teams to innovate/hypothesise around an outcome, then measure if we’re succeeding.

CEO Tech Scale up

They has been a breath of fresh air since joining our organisation. Their innate skill to quickly understand and diagnose situations has helped us find the right treatment strategies for the challenges we have faced.

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    Who we are

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    We're practitioners, partners and change guides. 

    We have a common philosophy: organisations do better for their customers when they put those working for them at the heart of how they do business, and align their business strategy and technical operations to support that.

    We also believe organisational change only really happens successfully when the whole system is considered, no matter how small the change itself.

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    Exceed customer expectations through improving business processes and culture.

    1ovmany's team can help you focus on doing the work that brings value to your customers and business rather than wrestling with people, process and technology issues. Get in touch with us today!

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