Energy & Utilities Transformation

Energy & Utilities Transformation

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This need for change

This need for change

Net zero & climate change are creating ever more responsbility on Energy and Utilitiy company to shift focus from core physical assets to digital ways of working and asset optimisation. We've noticed a strategy chasm between board and teams facing into customer every day which is getting wider due these rapidly changing circumstances.

1ovmany help to bridge this gap by providing Strategy Transformation services, OKRs, and complementing this with Ways of Working change management to support modern digital approaches.

Our Transformation Approach

We co-create transformation change with our clients to reduce the gap between you and your customer

Understanding your As-Is

Our team will help you to understand how performant your current Organisational Design is capture the right data an insights to effectively measure the change initiatives and success factors.

Design the Future To-Be State

We will Co-Create your future Organisational design so you can deliver on your strategy and create sustainable change. We do not use boiler plate templates, we create change that enhances your culture and strengths.

Implement the change

Our skilled and experience change experts will support you on the journey, from Enterprise to Team Coaches, Scrum Masters or Product Owners are teams are able to support you with hands on capability, training and coaching.

Challenge your assumptions and discover opportunity

Challenge your assumptions and discover opportunity

Too many leaders are deep in the weeds of the challenge, without a chance to view a fuller picture of the organisation, decisions are made that optimise for their departments or areas, not for the whole organisation.

We help those leaders gain a new perspective through our Business Transformation services.

Focus areas

Our Business Transformation team will help you focus on


Organisational design and implementation

How is the organisation impacting your ability to deliver and operate? Does your structure impact on processes negatively, affecting communication and collaboration to deliver what your customers want?


Performance, productivity, and effectiveness

How is the performance of your product, delivery and systems measured? Imagine visualising your business performance, adapting to changing circumstances based on impact and business value.


Strategy and communication

How well does your organisation live and breathe strategy? Is it something done once a year by the senior leadership or is it owned, aligned and engaged at all levels across the whole of the organisation?


Collaboration and co-ordination

How well does collaboration happen between your teams and the alignment between teams across departments? Many organisations are unaware of how the company system, the way you have set yourself up, prevents teams from aligning and engaging. We can help you understand this challenge from a fresh perspective.

I enjoyed working with 1ovmany - they are very responsive and highly professional. Their depth of knowledge is fantastic and no matter what questions or scenarios are thrown at the team, there’s always a sound response.

Performance & Business Management Lead

Major UK Financial Institution

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