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what we do

OKR Consultancy 1ovmany supports organisations to adopt and implement OKRs. We also provide ongoing training, coaching and mentoring for OKRs success. 

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how we do it


We remove the challenge and risk of implementing OKRs into your organisation by designing, planning, executing and providing ongoing support for lasting OKRs success.


We provide OKRs training through Public and Private courses and through classroom, virtual classroom and e-learning options.  We also provide a unique OKRs community for ongoing support and learning. 

OKRs Coach

Our coaches are highly skilled coaches with years of experience across multiple sectors and organisational sizes from Start-up to Scale-ups and Multi-National highly regulated companies. 

why do I need OKR consultants?

OKRs are a powerful strategy management system, but they require the appropriate investment into adoption and implementation.

OKRs popularity in recent years has resulted in adoptions that have not provided the benefits expected; no increase in alignment, engagement or focus.

To solve this problem, we took our combined experience as coaches and trainers to create a comprehensive framework for developing, communicating and adapting corporate strategy based on OKRs. 

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Common challenges clients find adopting and implementing OKRs.

  1. Misunderstanding what OKRs are and not treating them as a Strategy Management System.

  2. Failure to invest appropriately into the adoption of OKRs.

  3. Failure to sell the change to the business, lack of clarity and support from leadership.

  4. OKRs do not fit your current cultural zeitgeist.

  5. Expecting immediate results.

Most systems/frameworks/approaches to anything organisational or technological always have both their fans and detractors, it’s not unexpected for activities like OKRs to fail. With many management frameworks and systems, the truth is that the experience will be as heavily influenced by the quality and appropriateness of the implementation as it will by the quality of the system itself, and this is very true with OKRs.

Read more about this in our article: Why OKRs fail. Top 5 OKRs fails you need to know and how to avoid them

why 1ovmany

Our experience and approach is based on 30 years of transformation experience gained in software and product development environments in many industries and organisational size. 

  1. An open-source OKR framework

    Our open-source OKRs framework is accessible to all and provides a consistent, repeatable pattern for OKR adoption and implementation that can be validated and understood in advance. 

  2. Integration to existing frameworks and methodologies

    The 1ovmany OKR framework is designed to integrate seamlessly into any of the major software development approaches from SAFe, to Scrum and Kanban. Our framework was co-designed by a DevOps engineer for good measure.

  3. What if we are not a technology company

    That’s not a problem OKRs can work wonderfully well in any context. After all, it is a strategy deployment framework not a software development framework. 

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Planning an OKRs Implementation?

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I need OKRs help

I’m considering using OKRs for my organisation but I’m not sure what help is avaliable?.

  • OKR Consultancy
  • OKR Training
  • OKR Coaching
  • OKR Software support
  • OKR Repair
  • OKR Team Coaching
  • OKR Transformation
  • DevOps and OKRs

we specialise in helping:

Supporting OKRs in cross functional Agile teams.

Integrate OKRs into your Product workflow.

OKRs for DevOps, how to maxamise your impact.

our OKR framework integrates into:

How to make OKRs and Scrum work together to create a unified way of working.

Using SAFe as your delivery framework? How to maximise OKRs and SAFe in your organisation.

Our framework shares Kanban principles. Managing WIP and Flow is crucial to good OKRs.

our OKR consultants are highly accredited coaches

The training and support have been first class.

Whilst the concept and methodology are actually much more difficult than it seems, Mike has been brilliant at simplifying the logic with examples.

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OKR services

Discover our OKR Implementation, coaching and training services.

OKR Canvas

A tool for supporting teams in the creation of OKRS

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