3 Big Reasons to Work with a Boutique Consultancy

70% of transformations still fail to achieve their goals. But despite this high failure rate, companies will still, more often than not, opt to work with a big-name consultancy over a boutique consultancy.

22 April 2024

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Maybe it’s because of the old adage that ‘nobody ever got fired for hiring McKinsey’, or perhaps it’s that they’re not aware of the benefits that working with a boutique consultancy can offer.

So here are 3 big reasons why working with a boutique consultancy can deliver not just solutions but transformative results tailored uniquely to your needs.

1. Boutique Consultancy - Value-based business model

When you partner with a big-name consultancy, you might find that their business model is more about hitting their own targets than truly delivering value to you.

Their consultants are often caught in a tight spot, juggling the need to deliver top-notch client service with pressures to boost the consultancy’s profits.

At 1ovmany, we see things differently. We consciously step away from the typical 'utilisation' focus. None of our consultants are chasing after sales targets, because we believe their only job should be to create real value for you — not just for our bottom line.

We harness OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to manage performance, tying success to our ability to achieve meaningful, strategic outcomes together with you. This method ensures we're focused on creating great value and memorable experiences.

We believe that if we deliver excellently, you'll see the value not just as an expenditure, but as a vital investment in your future.

By looking through various lenses like client satisfaction and overall happiness alongside revenue, our OKRs help us stay aligned with what truly matters — your success and satisfaction.

This is how we build relationships that are not only about business but also about genuine partnership and mutual growth.

2. Boutique Consultancy - Capability

Big consultancies often play it safe, sticking to well-worn paths and cookie-cutter solutions. They lean heavily on one-size-fits-all strategies, pulling out premade templates and rigid plans that overlook the unique spirit and challenges of your organisation.

This approach often surfaces because, frankly, they might not have the depth of expertise required—they're not deep in the trenches of the industries they're advising on.

Sometimes, you might find yourself working with a senior consultant who, despite the title, doesn’t possess a depth of actual experience in the field. In many cases clients complain of ‘Ivory Tower’ consultants.

This can mean they're not quite equipped to handle the unique complexities and nuances of your organisation.

Here's where we at 1ovmany stand out. We're not just consultants—we're seasoned practitioners. We don’t just walk around your challenges; we dive right into them. We’ve felt the pressure points, we’ve seen the pitfalls, and we’ve learned how to navigate and adapt in diverse environments.

Working with us means you're partnering with people who've been in your shoes, who understand the terrain and are committed to tackling challenges head-on.

We don’t just propose changes; we're right there with you, crafting solutions that are as unique as your company. We believe in transformation that’s tailored, not templated.

3. Boutique Consultancy - Specialists

The landscape of consultancy firms is often defined by the scope and scale of their offerings. Larger consultancies tend to cast a wide net, offering a broad spectrum of services across various industries and sectors.

This approach can lead to scenarios where their consultants are deployed to projects or challenges that might not align perfectly with their core expertise.

As a result, these consultants might find themselves navigating unfamiliar territories without deep knowledge or specialised experience.

Ultimately, this can compromise the depth and effectiveness of the consultancy, potentially leaving your specific needs only superficially addressed.

On the other hand, boutique consultancies like 1ovmany thrive on specialisation. We focus sharply on specific areas—those that often cause the most headaches for businesses like yours.

Our team is composed of experts who have dedicated their careers to mastering particular domains, ensuring that when you come to us with a problem, you’re met with someone who isn’t just familiar with the topic, but has a wealth of experience and a trove of nuanced insights that are directly applicable to your situation.

This expertise means we can dive deeper into the issues that matter most to you. Whether it’s a unique challenge in your market or a persistent operational inefficiency, our consultants bring not only knowledge but also empathetic understanding to the table.

They’re not learning on the job; they’re applying years of relevant experience to help you navigate and overcome your specific challenges, leading to more personalised, effective solutions that are tailored to truly resonate with and benefit your business, fostering sustainable growth and development.

The Boutique Consultancy Experience

Opting to work with a boutique consultancy isn't just an alternative; it's a strategic choice for those seeking more than just conventional solutions.

With value-based business models, specialised expertise, and a deep commitment to your unique challenges, the boutique consultancy experience ensures that every strategy is as unique as your business.

The focus becomes real value, client satisfaction, and sustainable results that transform standard consultancy into a powerful partnership for growth.

We know first-hand because several of our consultants have been at the big-name firms and left to affect real change. We’ve heard the complaints of our sponsors and the calls of our clients when they bemoan the experiences of working with larger consultancies.

So that’s precisely why we’ve created 1ovmany to do consultancy differently, to be the boutique consultancy experience with the resources and know-how to get bigger results.

See the results of our work with a Global Financial Institution.

Mike Horwath

About the author

Mike Horwath

Mike is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of 1ovmany. He is also the Co-Author of The OKR Method a Strategy & OKR Expert and at times an Executive Business Transformation Coach.

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