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Course overview

Are you ready to put OKRs to work for your team with confidence and clarity on how they work, what’s involved and why OKRs operate the way they do? This course is a deep dive into how OKRs will impact on your ways of working, how you can use OKRs to accelerate your team performance and personal engagement.

In this three-hour team-based course we’ll introduce the concept of OKR operations and help teams assess where they are in their OKR operational fluency. From this grounding teams will learn about the OKR events and how to integrate that into their ways of working. Finally, teams will learn about common challenges to adopt OKRs and study repeatable patterns, techniques and tools that are proven to work.

Created by experienced Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers and OKR experts this course ensures all participants will find value in all aspects of the learning.

How the learning is delivered?

The learning is delivered by an experienced OKR trainer in a modular format through the development of concepts, instructional learning, and concrete practice that allow the attendees to naturally and normally learn.

Attendees will be provided with an OKR fluency framework, a recommended OKR operational framework and tools to support OKR adoption within their team.

What you will learn?

  • What OKR operations are, and how it will support your team’s ability to maximise OKRs.

  • How to integrate those events into Agile frameworks such as SAFe and Scrum.

  • When and how to use OKRs in your team’s day to day operations, and to handle change.

  • How to make OKRs stick.

  • Common challenges and issues when adopting OKRs and how to handle them.

  • How to use an OKR canvas to support you in the preparation for OKR creation.

  • Understand the events that support the OKR framework, and when to plan them.

  • To confidently plan OKR events including the preparation and data collection required.

  • How to use OKRs at the end of a quarter and to plan next quarter.

  • How to align your team to the OKR pillars and plan to increase your product and team fluency.

  • The roles and responsibilities teams can adopt to succeed in OKRs.

What can you do with your learning?

  • Experience before the event, what the impact of adopting OKRs will have on your normal operating rhythm, and plan ahead.

  • Energies the team with confidence and clarity on how to make OKRs work and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Utilise repeatable patterns, techniques and tools that are proven to work for OKR teams.

  • Communicate, plan and execute an OKR continuous improvement plan that supports improving Agile ways of working and DevOps.

  • Reduce the learning curve, cost and change fatigue associated with change initiatives.

Who is it for?

  • Any team, squad or tribe developing products or software services.

  • Any team using Scrum or SAFe for product delivery.

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Amazing. Best learning experience since starting Agile 13 years ago.

Really helps with the ability for teams to innovate/hypothesis around an outcome, then measure if we’re succeeding.

Agile Coach

Positive and thought-provoking experience.

Understanding the work through a “true” customer focus abstracted away from technology delivery. We will be more customer-focused.

Portfolio Manager

The training and support have been first class.

Whilst the concept and methodology is actually much more difficult than it seems, Mike has been brilliant at simplifying the logic with examples.

Platform Owner
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