OKR Training

OKR Training and training services provided by the UK’s leading OKR experts and coaches. 

Our OKR training services

Our training services range from public courses in The OKR Framework™ to customised individual training programmes aligned to Learning and Development outcomes. 

We have provided OKR training to some of the UK’s largest organisations. Our trainers are experts with OKRs. They are certified OKR Enterprise Experts and come with real-world experience and practitioner stories enriching the training experience.

Public courses

Public OKR training courses and certification for all roles in The OKR Framework™.

Corporate training programmes

We plan, design and execute corporate training programmes to support OKR adoptions.

OKR Consultancy

1ovmany provide OKR consultancy for when training isn’t quite enough to successfully adopt OKRs.

Interested in OKR training?

Talk to one of our Training team partners in a no-obligation 25 minute consultation.

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OKR Developer

The OKR Developer is the role occupied by anybody with the responsibility of developing OKRs at any level of the organisation. All roles within The OKR Framework™ start with The OKR Developer.

OKR Team Coach

OKR Coaching is all about helping teams become proficient in the use of OKRs, helping to improve the confidence and well being of those using The OKR Framework™ in its intended way.

OKR Implementer

The OKR Implementer is responsible for the design and management of the OKR programme and the successful adoption of The OKR Framework™ into an organisation.


OKR Practice Partner

The OKR Practice Partner takes on responsibility for the execution of OKR processes as well as ongoing management of the OKR architecture within their area of responsibility..

          What is The OKR Framework™?

The OKR Framework™ is a flexible and highly scalable way to implement a Strategy Management System based on the proven concept of OKRs into any type and size of an organisation.

The OKR Framework™ prescribes certain professional development paths that an individual can follow in their OKR journey.

1ovmany is an Accredited Training Organisation for The OKR Framework™. Our trainers are certified OKR Enterprise Experts. 

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Leadership Training

Give your senior leadership the true value proposition of OKRs to your organisation. Our custom course is an 8hr immersion leadership experience.

OKR Team Training

We work with teams to help them understand OKRs better, to create impactful OKRs and learn how to become experts in OKR creation.

Interested in Corporate OKR training?

Talk to one of our Training team partners in a no-obligation 25 minute consultation.


Feedback from our Corporate clients.

I’ve personally enjoyed working with 1ovmany – they are very responsive and highly professional. The depth of knowledge is fantastic and no matter what questions or scenarios are thrown at your team, there’s always a sound response.

I’m learning a lot of useful insight from our current programme, which is already proving very valuable and is having a positive impact on our wider adoption of OKR’s.

Performance & Business Management Lead

1ovmany helped all of the engineering leadership team stay aligned and motivated during our OKR planning cycles, their guidance and leadership were greatly appreciated and helped to support a high standard in the creation of our OKRs and the alignment across teams.

They truly bridged the gap for the development teams to be able to understand the bigger picture from the C-level team. 

CEO: Teach scale up

Our Team

Our highly skilled OKR coaches, trainers & consultants

Mike Horwath

Certified OKR Enterprise expert 

Peter Street

Certified OKR Enterprise expert 

Taner Kapucu

Certified OKR Enterprise expert 

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