OKRs Implementation

Ensure the success of your OKR implementation with the help of 1ov’s end to end implementation programme

Program Overview

Proof of concept

Depedant on the size of your organisation and your unique oppurtunites a Proof of concept of OKRs prior to a wider roll out can reap many rewards, particularly if you have change or inititative fatigue.

1ov will undertake a gap anaylsis identifying your current domain expertise, the shape of the building blocks neccessary for succesful implementation of OKRs and your peoples commitement levels. This initial asssement provides a navigation for leadership in terms of the commitment required, and a launch pad for gaining buy-in and proactive support for the adoption of OKRs.

1ov partner with Just3Things and support the adoption of the Just3Things OKRs platform including due diligance, pre-configuration of the platform, creation of a baseline of peformance metrics and reporting; providing strategic insight to your organisation and the success of the OKRs implementation.

OKR implementation plan

OKRs are seductively simple in thier articulation, appearing on the surface simple and a reformat of existing goal setting processes. Many initiatives fail as a result of this misconception, lacking the level of execution support and strategic investement required to deliver a sucessful OKRs transformation initiative.

1ov’s expertise and experience can help you navigate these pitfalls. Our unique plan includes:

  • Developing a shared understanding with leadership on what OKRs mean for them, the benefits that can be obtained, and the impact to thier current operating models.
  • Development of a standard to used in your organisation to ensure consistency of Crafting, Refining, Alignment, Finalisation and Transmission.
  • Process for developing OKRs including traning and workshops.
  • Scoring OKRs.
  • Management of OKRs across the Enterprise and how to communicate.
  • OKRs reporting and success metrics.
  • Maintaining change momentum.
OKR Operating model

To many OKRs initiatives fail from ‘Zombie OKR’s‘. The mechanics of OKRs are adopted but not the essence, the commitement of the operational heartbeat that drives performance management and the investment of time into making them part of the organisations heartbeat does not occur; in many instances the OKRs framework is blamed.

1ov creates an OKRs playbook and operating cadence fit for your needs based on our deep expertise of organsiational design, agile and people. Our operating model comes with a fully developed set of inisght and metrics to gain a deeper understanding to how you organisation is operating, where the gaps are and where support is needed. We will establish operation sessions and use this deep insight to help agility flourish in your organisation.

OKRs Training

Leveraging the knowledge gained in our initial asssement 1ov can determine the level of training and support likely needed by your people. From this we create and deliver a training program designed to offload as much capablity as possible in order for your people to start the process of training others and spreading knowledge across the enterprise.

In our experience its the OKRs builiding blocks of Vision, Mission and Purpose that need revisiting. 1ov’s team are not just OKRs experts but experienced Product Owners, System Thinkers and Service Designers that can help you revist the essence of your organisational and product strategy, ensuring visionary thinking, engagement, ownership emerges from OKRs work; moving past ‘Zombie OKRs‘ and unfufiled promise.

1ov Approach and Benefits

  • Initial assessment: Upfront knowledge of the level of commitment required and the likely investment necessary. 

  • Outcome focused: 1ov will co-create OKRs for the implementation and lead by example whilst on site with your people

  • Capability off-load: All activity is undertaken with OKRs Ambassadors and Champions to ensure a sustainable roll out, highly engaged and skilled internal people who can maintain the ongoing OKRs work. 

Training and Playbook

OKRs Training
  • Leadership Training
  • OKRs Ambasador and Champion
  • Mission, Vision and Strategy Workshops
  • OKRs Crafting workshops
  • How do you align OKRs, how do you create engagement
  • Ho do you sustain OKRs
  • So you’re new, here’s how we do OKRs
OKRs Playbook
  • Why OKRs, your story
  • Bulidng blocks of OKRS
  • Key principles of OKRs Success
  • FAQ’s
  • Best practice check list
  • OKRs Champion and Ambasador Checklist
  • OKRs meeting rituals
  • How to become an OKRs Champion or Ambassador
Just3Things Platform Training

If you onboard to the Just3Things platform 1ov provides the following training and support

  • Proof of concept set up and configuration
  • Configuration of reports and metrics
  • Train a Trainer program