How fast can you spin up teams to deliver outcomes?

Delivery Assurance is a service offering high confidence in the rapid and successful design, creation, implementation, and operation of software products.

This is what we do

We maintain a fairly disciplined framework for the software delivery of the items we cover which we know works. There is sufficient flexibility to allow it to adapt to different working environments and regulatory constraints, but it is not a bespoke service, and that is how we ensure that it works. We will work with you to identify what you’re trying to achieve and document and categorise the deliverables/outcomes. We’ll also asses your current delivery mechanisms to ensure compatibility, and and then we’ll put together a package that covers what you need.

Software delivery structural design and implementation

This is the process of implementing the right environment and suporting structures that enable a team to succeed including design, recruitment, onboarding, formation of the team, and its hand-off into operational delivery. 

  1. Is this similar to teams as a service? 

    Yes, 1ovmany, either directly or through our partner organisations, provide technical vetting & interviewing, team formation and kick-off activities and then ongoing technical and delivery governance. If required, we hand off into other delivery functions or back into your BAU process. 

  2. What is structural design? 

    This is the design of the team(s), and the implementation of the appropriate parts of our framework into the team(s), and the necessary organisational inter-relationships to integrate it into your organisation.

  3. Why do we need structural design? 

    It’s necessary to ensure that the right elements of our Delivery Assurance Framework are implemented for the team(s) to succeed.  

Discovery and Initiation

1ovmany can help your organisation express its new product/service in a way that enables for rapid and accurate delivery by analysis, specficiation and design services that support business, technical and design peoples needs.  

  1. What is discovery?

    All functions associated with the discovery phase for a new product/service, including:

    • Product/Service Characterisation: analysis, requirements gathering, specification.
    • Product/Service Design: Architectural design, technical design, interactive/just-in-time design specification, ownership specification (team composition, etc), dependency mapping.
  2. What is Product Initiation?

    Following from Product or Service Discovery, the setup and planning around creation of a product delivery team and its associated governance, and ongoing model of operation, along with initial backlog creation, product owner setup, and product roadmap creation

  3. What is Project Initiation?

    Following the Product or Service Discovery, the initiation of an open-ended project to deliver the product on an ongoing basis, using agile delivery processes (unless specifically waterfall methodologies are required, which would be a wider discussion).

Software development

The assurance of the creation of software by teams with modern agile working methodologies in line with the agreed deliverables/outcomes. 

  1. What about our tools? 

    The setup and operation of tools that enable delivery teams to deliver value effectively, as well as the training of staff on the use of those tools as setup is part of the 1ov Delivery Assurance Framework standards.

  2. Software Operation

    The assurance of the operation of software in production environments with as part of cross-functional teams using Devops and SRE principles or dedicated teams with those functions as part of an effective operating model for the creation, delivery and operation of software.

  3. Software Integration and Delivery

    The assurance of the integration and delivery to production/live of software using team with modern agile and DevOps working methodologies to assure the delivery of software to production in line with the deliverables/outcomes agreed.