Is your organisation fulfilling its human potential?

Proficiency in the agile practices is still low, with only 17% of organisations claiming a high level of proficiency with the practices. 1

This is what we do

Business agility is the understanding that big upheaval and change is actually ordinary, not unusual, and that successful organisations need the ability to become what’s demanded of them by the environment; so they need adaptive architectures throughout, where change capability is designed in, to allow for fast feedback loops enabling a strong connection between leadership and the front line, supporting data driven decision making.

We want our clients to have done the difficult bit first which is realising the need for change; we provide the expertise on how to achieve it.

Business Insight

Every decision is an investment. Therefore, you need to understand the truth of what is going on, in order to make good investment hypothesese.

  1. How efficient our we in achieving our strategy?

    “How do I know the work being done contributes to the our strategy?”

  2. I want more confidence in the decisions I’m making.

    “How do I get relevant, timely data ton our engineering and business activities?”

  3. Can we adapt to our environment?

    “I don’t know why we’re still doing this work”

Operational Innovation

Enabling all levels of the organisation to participate in innovating changes to the Organisational architecture and process to benefit employee experience 

  1. How do I make change the norm in my organisation?

    “It can’t cost this much every time we need to change!”

  2. How do I get my organisation to adapt faster?

    “I need our people on the front line to guide our organisational change.”

  3. How do I instil a culture of continuous improvement?

    “My people are not taking the initiative on change.”

Product Leadership

Adopting the relevant process and product approaches to suit your organisation and your customers when integrating product ownership into the organisation .

  1. How should we be organised to make the most of product ownership?

    “We have product owners but it’s been difficult to define their exact responsibilities.

  2. What do I need in place to make Product Ownership work?

    “I’m worried we’ll lose visibility of delivery if we move away from projects.”

  3. How do I give greater autonomy without loosing control?

    “Our product owners don’t seem to take ownership of their products.”

Agile delivery 

We are able to help with getting the right data to give visibility on what’s actually happening during the delivery and operation of software, and offer strategies to deal with the issues uncovered.

  1. How can we react faster to customer need?

    “Our development process doesn’t let us change direction very quickly.”

  2. How do I reduce the waste in our delivery?

    “We not adapting our development fast enough to what our customers need.”

  3. How do we move from Waterfall to Agile software development?

    “We’ve been pretty waterfall and don’t have the expertise in-house to change.”

Why we do what we do

To help organisations understand how to unfold their human potential. 

  1. Organisations are struggling to adapt

    • Key factor in the UK’s sluggish productivity growth is the inertia of 70% of employers to adopt available new technology.[2]
    • Productivity over the last decade has grown a paltry 1.4% over the whole period.[3]
  2. Leaders are asking for help in organisational design

    • 92% of executives rate organisational design as a top priority for employee engagement.[4]
    • Just 21% of executives feel expert at building cross-functional teams.[4]
  3. High levels of engagement equate to high performance

    • Investing in companies with good employee experience would yield better returns year on year than the S&P500.[5]
    • 85% of employees not engaged at work.[6]

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frequently asked questions

Common Business Agility questions

What is business agility

Fundamentally, it’s the ability of your organisation to adapt to it’s environment as the environment changes so that upheavals mean opportunity instead of disaster.

It’s difficult to accept, but upheaval and change is actually ordinary, not unusual. Successful organisations need the ability to rapidly adapt and become what’s demanded of them by the environment as that environment changes. The way to achieve this is through adaptive architectures throughout the organisation, where change capability is designed in alongside fast feedback loops and a strong connection between leadership and the front line allowing data driven decision making.

What will business agility give my organisation

When the environment changes, organisations without agility they face new risks, challenges, and reduced success; but those with agility adapt quickly so that the new environment offers opportunities, new places to build foundations and continued success.

An organisation with agility moves like water around obstacles and is able to fill new business space offered up to it quickly and fully.

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