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Here are the services that you could combine in an engagment with 1ov.


Accelerate is designed to uncover dysfunction, convolution, and inefficiency, to illuminate hidden issues, and reveal the interconnection, communication and flow problems present in the functioning of your organisation. We offer recommendations on how to address these issues, and how to implement those changes.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the discipline of consistently delivering and operating high quality, trusted, reliable software products at pace. It is critical in order to build the trust and confidence of your customers without clogging the steady flow of product improvements and new features.

Team and Executive coaching

The availability of coaching to everyone in the organisation will strengthening the human connections between individuals, raise awareness of the wider intelligence present in teams and allow for different perspectives to provide insights, leading to innovation and human connection with our customers. 

DevOps and SRE

Correctly implemented, Devops, and it’s close relation Site Reliability Engineering, will improve both the quality and rate of delivery of your products and services. 

Business Agility

Business agility is the understanding that big upheaval and change is actually ordinary, not unusual, and that successful organisations need the ability to become what’s demanded of them by the environment; so they need adaptive architectures throughout, where change capability is designed in, to allow for fast feedback loops enabling a strong connection between leadership and the front line, supporting data driven decision making.


Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a Performance and Business Management framework. It helps organisations elucidate the goals and aspirations that comprise its business strategy in a clear and simple format which cascades down through the organisation in an inherently aligned and integrated fashion; driving intent-based leadership at every level, letting those with the best expertise determine the ‘hows’ of delivering outcomes. 


1ov provide custom on-site training and accreditaion for a wide variety of topics. 

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Our wish is for any engagement with 1ov to be a coming together of expertise, so please do reach out to us for a conversation if any of what you read here interests you. There’s no obligation to do anything more than chat about our areas of expertise! 

We always appreciate the chance to connect and maybe join with you in our eco-system of like minded change agents. 

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