Organisational coaching

Professional coaching services, developing every employee the way organisations traditionally developed their leadership.

what we do

Our philosophy is one in which coaching is no longer a privilege for leadership but rather a proven system to help unlock the potential of all of your people, our belief is that we can make coaching accessible to all.

We’ve created a cost-efficient, accessible professional coaching service to develop every employee the way historically organisations have developed their leadership. We do this through our unique in-house coaching method, embracing your talent objectives and our unique outcome specialists’ approach, to surface measures that prove success.

our approach

We believe in outcomes and we believe in measurable outcomes. Coaching is no different. We don’t want to measure people based on some model that tries to puts you into a box, we try to image the future state of your organisation and your people and then help you get there. 

Our unique approach employs outcome specialist to work with you in defining and articulating meaningful measures of impact for the change coaching should have on your organisation. 

Supported by our coaching management platform we can provide insight into the success of the initiative and help coachees to embrace and engage with the coach in impactful change.

coaching engagements

Talent programs

Individually tailored programs for your talent, created using our specialist outcome approach. 

Individual Coaching

A thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Team Coaching

One of the most effective approaches for aligning and optimising the wider potential available from the whole group.

What will coaching do for me?

Coaching will help you remain accountable in the actions you create to support you and your organisation’s journey towards achieving its goals.

Why choose coaching from 1ovmany?

1ov prides itself on the connections we create with those we work with. We are there with you along the way facing into challenges and celebrating successes.

Our coaches are experienced practitioners with relevant and necessary certifications either accredited by the International Coaching Federation or ICAgile/Scrum Alliance. 

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Leadership Coaching

Helping your leaders, facilitate innovation and growth for your organisation, in a fast-changing digital paridagm. 

Organisational Coaching

We help you develop a culture to facilitate information flow, decision making and space for everyone to be heard. 

Interested in coaching?

Talk to one of our Coaching team partners in a no-obligation 25 minute consultation

other coaching services

agile coaching

We have extensive experience in Agile transformations and agile coaching, without the IR35 worry, 

OKR Coaching

Our OKR coaches can help improve your teams OKR capabilities crafting and embedding OKRs with Impact.

DevOps Coaching

Work with our highly experienced DevOps transformation coaches to offload capability to your teams.

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OKR services

Discover our OKR Implementation, coaching and training services.

OKR Canvas

A tool for supporting teams in the creation of OKRS

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