Our operational excellence team help organisations consistently deliver and operate high quality, trusted, reliable software products at pace.

Operational Excellence

This is what we do

Our operational excellence team help organisations to achieve business agility and improve customer trust.

The best performing organisations have 106x faster lead time from commit to deployment and 7x lower failure rates. They are able to respond to customer needs, pivot on business environment changes, and capitalise on great new ideas much faster than their competitors.

This is how we help businesses achieve operational excellence:

Performance, Productivity & Efficiency

We help you to surface the right data for visibility into what’s actually happening during the delivery and operation of you software environment.

Technology & Platform Strategy

Identifying and implementing the right technology and platform strategy that software delivery teams rely on to achieve operational excellence.

Reliability and Operational Excellence

Improving the processes and decision making needed to deliver and run software consistently and reliably.

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Companies with engaged employees are more successful.

When your talent is not spending excessive time reacting to self-made problems, dealing with failure demand, and can see their ideas rapidly transformed into value generation for their company, they are able to deliver more of the best of themselves.

This is how we aspire to achieve operational excellence in your organisation. 

Organisational Design and Implementation

We are able to help with designing the right DevOps/Site Reliablity Engineering (SRE) model for your organisation, and the organisational, process, and cultural changes needed to make it successful.

Collaboration and Co-ordination

We are able to help with understanding where your teams are facing challenges in working together seamlessly and how to overcome those specifically or through any of the areas covered above.

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Our Operational Excellence team will help you focus on:


Organisational Design and Implementation

How is the organisation of your engineers impacting your ability to deliver and operate? Where is your structure impacting processes negatively and affecting communication and collaboration?


Performance, Productivity, and Effectiveness

How is the performance of your delivery and systems measured, and how effectively can your engineers deploy and see their impact?


Technology & Platform strategy

Here we are determining how well the technology and architecture of your systems support the objectives & operations of your teams, and how effectively that is articulated & communicated. As well as how efficiently the technology and platform strategies support the wider business objectives and strategy.


Reliability and Operational Performance

In this phase we look at issues of trust and reliability, specifically, customer and engineer trust in - as well as the measurement and literal reliability of - your systems, products and services.


Collaboration and Co-ordination

During this final stage, we look to determine the degree of collaboration that takes place between teams, the alignment between teams & departments and the communication that takes place between dependant & collaborating teams and departments.

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Who we are

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We're practitioners, partners and change guides. 

We have a common philosophy: organisations do better for their customers when they put those working for them at the heart of how they do business, and align their business strategy and technical operations to support that.

We also believe organisational change only really happens successfully when the whole system is considered, no matter how small the change itself.

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What's Our Approach

How we do it

We provide public training and bespoke corporate training services to help individuals and organisations learn, embrace and adopt new ways of working. 

We are also practitioners, working hand in hand with our customers through teaching and coaching engagements for individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop.  

Our discovery services are designed to help you see your organisation in a new and different way. So often we find leaders well intended but unable to see the whole picture and without the time or resources to do so. 

We are experts in understanding the true source of value demand and value management  in organisations, allowing us to paint a picture of your true current, and potential performance.

We are passionate about taking you and your people on a journey, either through offloading capability and up-skilling your people, or transforming the operational and technical environment to a desired future state.

Transformation work, or adopting new ways of operating, is not simple and not all approaches will work. There are a multitude of reasons for failure, sometimes a different approach is all that is required.

1ovmany’s teams have amassed a large amount of experience in fixing failed or failing transformations and putting them back on track. 

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Exceed customer expectations through improving business processes and culture.

1ovmany's team can help you focus on doing the work that brings value to your customers and business rather than wrestling with people, process and technology issues. Get in touch with us today!

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