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How do you ensure the success of your OKRs Implementation? 

what we do

We provide end-to-end OKRs implementation programmes designed to take your organisation through the OKR adoption journey.

OKR implementations are going to cause a cultural and operational change in your organisation, it’s reasonable therefore to expect that this might come with some challenges, the effect of which is going to be determined by how much change is required from your organisation to move from how it is now, to one compatible with OKRs.

our approach to OKRs Implementation 

OKRs are great for taking complex real-world problems and making them simple, however, it also means that the complexity inherent in the process is also disguised.

OKRs Implementations are not simple. The depth of the challenge will be related to the distance you will need to travel from your current ways of working and culture to the ideal state where OKRs can become impactful.

In a recent survey, only 15% of respondents felt OKRs delivered noticeable value. We work with organisations to ensure that statistic improves by:

  1. Designing the OKR system first including the measures of success.
  2. Planning the Implementation. 
  3. Aligning and training all your people.
  4. Providing ongoing OKR coaching and support.

Please read on for a breakdown of each element. 

1ovmany’s OKR Journey Line

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our 4 stage OKRs Implementation programme 

Design your OKR system

Here we are looking at how strategy is created, transmitted and managed through your organisation. We do this through the lens of:

  1. Vision and Strategy.
  2. Workflow & Process Management.
  3. Business & Performance Management.

 Our unique OKR assessment approach allows us to design not only the integration of OKRs to your organisation but also a step-by-step approach for sustainable value realisation. 

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common questions 

  1. How do I get started?

    Start with the outcomes of course, what are you trying to achieve through the adoption of OKRs? 

  2. What will be the impact of the change?

    Determine the impact on existing ways of working that helped you become the success you are today or do you want a radical overhaul?

  3. Do OKRs work well with other methodologies?

    We are hugely experienced in many methodologies and have practical experience integrating OKRs into Scrum, Kanban, SAFe or DevOPs.

Planning the OKRs Implementation

Here we are looking at how to take the learning and insight from the design stage into a well-articulated, plan for executing and achieving the outcomes we desire through the OKRs Implementation process.

This involves working with leaders across your organisation. The scale of the impact on your workflow, process & performance management is going to determine the depth of support needed and scale of your roll-out plan. Those leaders will need clarity and confidence in how they will be supported to be successful in the adoption and plan the relevant change initiatives required. 

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  1. How will OKRs disrupt my department?

    It’s vital to provide support, insight and confidence to leadership when adopting OKRs, ensuring buy-in across the organisation. 

  2. Can we do a Pilot OKR scheme?

    Every organisation is different and there are many approaches to adoption, a common and beneficial approach is to deploy OKRs to a small section of the organisation first. 

  3. How long does this take?

    The design element of our approach reduces the time and effort required to plan, this can be done rapidly? 

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Align your people

Here we are looking at how we upskill and train everyone to become competent and successful in the usage of OKRs. 

Using OKRs is not just a case of constructing the OKR. It is a framework for creating, communicating and constantly adapting corporate strategy, this will involve an understanding of how OKRs will work in your organisation and what events and activities are needed to support this in a consistent format.

Read our article on How to prepare your people for implementing OKRs successfullyor  

common questions 

  1. Do we really need training?

    OKRs are a framework just like Scrum, Kanban or SAFe. Most organisations have well trained and experienced practitioners in the organisation and to succeed with OKRs this is no different. 

  2. How will the training be delivered?

    We provide training relevant to your needs including remote and online training. Training approaches are a mixture of Classroom lecture, interactive classroom sessions, hands-on group working sessions & 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching.

Practioner support

Here we provide relevant and ongoing support and coaching to ensure the adoption achieves the stated outcomes of the OKR Implementation. 

We are able to off-load capability at a rapid rate as our consultants have the experience of doing OKR work, they have the experience in working in the same field as your people so can talk the language and they are trained profession coaches, they can coach your people. 


common questions 

  1. What makes your consultants different?

    Our OKR consultants are seasoned business experts in:

    • Agile Transformation
    • DevOps Transformation
    • Product & Innovation coaching
    • Professional Leadership coaching
  2. Why do we need ongoing support?

    As you adopt OKRs you will learn and encounter new challenges. Having access to seasoned OKR consultants can help you keep the adoption on track. 

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