OKR Coaching

OKR coaching helps to train teams and leadership on the OKR methodology and ensure effective outcomes for the organisation.

what we do

Our OKR Coaches are transformation experts who can design, plan and execute your OKR adoption and implementation. We also support organisations that have already adopted OKRs, facilitating the organisational culture change necessary for sustained OKR success. 

Our OKR Coaches are highly experienced, they have worked across multiple sectors and organisational sizes which means we can design and support an OKR transformation suited to you and your culture.

how we do it

OKR transformation design

How will you adopt OKRs, what will the impact be on your organisation and what is the investment required? 

OKR Coaching

We provide OKR coaches to support OKR change initiatives with expertise and credibility.

OKR Team Coaching

One of the most effective approaches for aligning and optimising the wider potential available from the whole group.

Why an OKR coach? Presenting complex things in a simple way disguises the complexity, and this is Achilles heel of OKRs. Adopting OKRs will impact on your organisation in many ways yet most organisations fail to acknowledge and understand the challenge. 

To really achieve the benefits OKRs can deliver, any adoption of the OKR methodology requires a level of investment into planning for the impact of the change, and management of the benefits expected.

An OKR coach brings that experience, which can help save time, money and resources. The OKR coach will help to navigate common problems and pain points in the adoption process. Our goal is to leave you with an energised and sustainable change process that delivers the benefits you planned.     

A training group ready to begin an OKR introduction.
OKR repair

Organisations can be tempted into abandon OKRs when it does not provide the benefits expect, perhaps you are event suffering from adoption fatigue. Our OKR coaches can re-energise your efforts.

OKR training

We train in multiple aspects of OKR from OKR Foundations through to OKR Implementation Expert, OKR Coach Expert and tailored closed door training for organisations in need. 

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Nearly everyone understands the benefits they expect to get from OKRs, but very few understand the investment required or how difficult it will be. It’s because the focus is on how to write an OKR, not how to use OKRs as a Strategy Management Framework.

Mike Horwath

1ovmany OKR Coach

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OKR Adoption and Implementation design

Here we are looking for how the adoption of OKRs will impact on your organisation and what outcomes you are trying to achieve in your OKR implementation.

This will include how do you prepare your leadership, your people, how ready is the organisation from the perspective of culture, operations and data availability.

From the start we want to understand the north star for the implementation, how much is the impact allowing you to determine the level of investment, time and effort needed. Too often this is forgot and becomes a nasty surprise. 

Read our article How to prepare your Organisation for implementing OKRs successfully for further insights.

common questions.

  1. It sounds like a lot of effort?

    “I need to convince leadership”

  2. How do I get started?

    “I want to do OKRs, but how?”

  3. How do we make it stick?

    “How do I get my teams to adopt OKRs?”

OKR Coaching

Here we helping the organisation implement the OKR methodology and framework, facilitating the organisational culture change necessary for sustained OKR success. This includes ways of working, communication both within and between teams, and wider communication on the execution of strategy with Leadership and teams.

Recommendations here might include changes to the way teams work, including the type of working practices they use, approaches to gathering and presenting metrics on aspects of the performance of both teams and technology, and recommendations for coaching around communication of all types.

common questions

  1. Are OKRs having an Impact?

    “OKRs aren’t provided the insight I hoped for”

  2. OKRs are losing relevancy!

    “Stakeholders are not seeing the value?”

  3. It’s become big brother for the teams.

    “Why are people seeing it as a compliance exercise”

Group of business colleagues isolated over white

OKR Team Coaching

Here we are looking for how the adoption of OKRs will impact the teams using OKRs especially if you have cross-functional agile teams.

This will include how do you prepare your OKRs, setting the right culture direction, integrating team cadence, operation and data availability.

How will teams adopt OKRs into their day to day and long term operations, whether your teams are using Scrum, Kanban or SAFe, 1ovmany’s OKR coaches are experienced in software development and have lead transformations in OKR, Agile and DevOps. 

common questions.

  1. How do I integrate OKRs with Scrum, Kanban or SAFe?

    “I don’t want to do another transformation”

  2. How do I get teams to work together?

    “There is so much dependancy management”

  3. How do I avoid change fatigue?

    “How do I get my teams to embrace OKRs?”

our coaches are highly accredited

client feedback

Amazing. Best learning experience since starting Agile 13 years ago.

Really helps with the ability for teams to innovate/hypothesise around an outcome, then measure if we’re succeeding.

Agile Coach

The training and support have been first class.

The concepts and methodology are actually much more difficult than it seems, 1ovmany has been brilliant at simplifying the logic with examples.

Product Owner
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Discover our OKR Implementation, coaching and training services.

OKR Canvas

A tool for supporting teams in the creation of OKRS

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