Turn Your Strategy into Action
30 May 2024Turn Your Strategy into Action

As far as business transformation goes, I've been right in the thick of it for going on 20 years, seeing firsthand how turning bold strategies into real-world actions can be as tricky as it is crucial. It’s never a straightforward path—there are always nuanced challenges ready to trip us up and obstacles that hinder the implementation of meaningful change. So I want to get into these issues, shed some light on what I’ve seen and what stands in the way of executing strategies effectively and why it's so important that we tackle these barriers head-on.

Implementing OKRs Beyond 'Measure What Matters'
20 May 2024Implementing OKRs Beyond 'Measure What Matters'

John Doerr's 'Measure What Matters' brilliantly introduces the concept of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), detailing their transformative potential for businesses. However, while the book excels in explaining the what and why of OKRs, it leaves many readers searching for the who and how. This gap often results in companies struggling to translate theory into practice.

How to use The OKR Method for Implementing OKRs
29 Aug 2022How to use The OKR Method for Implementing OKRs

The OKR Method is broken into a set of components that provide structure and guidance to any of its users. These components consist of a set of Phases, Events and Roles, that help you implement OKRs with speed and certainty by reducing complexity.

How to successfully write effective OKRs
16 Oct 2022How to successfully write effective OKRs

This article provides a step-by-step approach on how to write OKRs, used by certified OKR practitioners to help businesses adopt and implement OKRs.