1ovmany partners with strategy execution platform Quantive

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Over the last two years, 1ovmany has been on a transformation journey of its own, developing from a remote two-man start up to a sleek London-based transformation agency with a highly experienced team of consultants, specialised in a range of transformation services to support organisations in their efforts for change. 

As part of our continued growth 1ovmany has partnered with strategy execution software giants Quantive, establishing a relationship that serves to facilitate the needs of existing and prospective clients. 

Quantive’s software works in cohesion with The OKR Method that 1ovmany teaches to and coaches its clients, allowing all levels of an organisation to align, improve visibility, and enable an outcome-driven culture.

The unique integration that Quantive software has with OKRs makes it a perfect fit with 1ovmany’s value proposition, and will help accommodate clients’ (and prospective clients’) needs and requirements on a larger scale.

1ovmany Co-Founder – Taner Kapucu – had this to say on the partnership:

“We’ve tested many of the OKR software platforms on the market, but have not felt as much synergy as we have with Quantive.

Initiating this partnership gives us the ability to holistically serve our customer’s end-to-end OKR needs, as well as providing them with a reliable platform to shape and manage their OKRs.”

Taner and Mike - the 1ovmany Co-Founders - standing side-by-side in our offices
Our Co-Founders | 1ovmany


OKRs are embedded into the philosophy and culture at 1ovmany, having seen first-hand the value and benefits they offer to the wider transformation process across organisations of all sizes and specialisms.

1ovmany believe OKRs can play an integral role in achieving holistic integrity throughout the organisation, helping to transform the way businesses create, communicate and execute on strategy.

What this means for clients…

This partnership represents a coming together of ideas, skills and application, personified by a world-class, market leading tech platform, alongside industry leading implementations from the team at 1ovmany.

Partnering with Quantive presents an amazing opportunity for existing and prospective clients to harness the full potential available from using OKRs.

Reach out today to discover how your organisation can adopt, implement and execute an OKR-based approach to getting the best out of your people and processes.

Or take advantage of our Complimentary Strategic Review offer, providing UK Businesses with objective insight to alleviate problems with strategic execution.

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