Meet our new Product & Propositions Director, Tom Whiteley

Get to know a bit more about our new Product & Propositions Director, Tom Whiteley, and the man behind the role.

26 February 2023

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1ovmany has begun 2023 with some exciting professional development, and none more-so than our new Product & Propositions Director, Tom Whiteley.

Tom brings a well refined level of industry experience to his role, including Agile Coach at Simply Business, Agile Delivery Lead at Comic Relief and Senior Product Manager at IG, to name a few.

Aside from his impressive résumé, it was Tom’s unique and innovative way of thinking that made him a perfect fit with the mindset and culture building at 1ovmany.

The man behind the role

Describing himself as ‘a Yorkshireman who’s been lost down South for too long’, there is an undeniable hint of despair as Tom proclaims that he no longer possesses the bold Yorkshire dialect he once had.

Besides his work in the agile/product management world, Tom lets off steam by putting himself through the ringer of CrossFit, also admitting to having spent far too much time playing hockey in earlier days.

While the combination of work and CrossFit are enough to tire out any individual, Tom is the latest member of the 1ovmany ‘no sleep club’, having a small child to keep him on his toes and in a constant state of sleep deprivation.

Tom Whiteley, the entrepreneur

Not only a provider at home, but a provider in his work too; In 2016, Tom Co-Founded Villages brewery, which was sold in 2022, and later Founded a dog biscuit company - BrewBix - upcycling the nutritious leftovers of brewing beer.

The phrase ‘waste not, want not’ springs to mind, but it’s precisely this kind of visionary and entrepreneurial spirit that Tom hopes to bring to his role at 1ovmany.

When asked what attracted him to the role, Tom’s response was:

“I was initially drawn in by 1ovmany’s lofty aspirations and desire to do things differently. I love to be entrepreneurial and grow organisations. I saw this role as a chance to do just that, as Mike and Taner offer the autonomy to drive things forward on your own.”

Likewise, it was this mentality and free-thinking that 1ovmany’s Co-Founder - Taner Kapucu - was looking for to take on the role, and what sparked an immediate connection between Tom and 1ovmany.

“I could tell from when we first spoke with Tom about the role that his vision and way of thinking would be a great fit with the culture and philosophy we’re trying to build here at 1ovmany.

We believe he’s the perfect person to take us forward and an exciting prospect for the fundamental growth of the company”

What Tom hopes to bring to the role

In addition to bringing his entrepreneurial ambitions to the role of Product & Propositions Director at 1ovmany, Tom aims to help keep the company honest.

Tom’s steadfast nature makes him perfectly suited to inhabit the role with a fresh sense of genuinity and integrity, stating:

“I don’t put up with things I don’t believe in or agree with. I will always say if I think something should work differently, and will always be happy to make it happen.”

As Product & Propositions Director, Tom’s chief responsibilities will be identifying and developing new propositions that solve our customer’s most challenging problems, as well as ensuring our existing line of products and service offerings remain fresh and innovative.

Initial thoughts on the company and the people 

Tom has settled straight in and is already demonstrating instrumental impact to internal operations and getting hands-on with client-work.

When we asked for his initial thoughts on life at 1ovmany so far, Tom simply replied:

“So far, it’s exactly what I hoped it would be!”

Recruiting a Product & Propositions Director was high-priority for 1ovmany’s Leadership Team going into the New Year, and Co-Founder - Mike Horwath - could not have been happier with the outcome, stating:

“Tom joining us is a sign of great things to come at 1ovmany. As well as that, it demonstrates our ability to attract top talent and epitomises the opportunity for growth and development in and around the business.”

Interested in joining the 1ov Team? Check out our Job Openings on Workable now!

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