1ovmany recognised as a Great Place To Work

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, from our work with clients to creating an amazing internal culture. So we are delighted to be recognised as a Great Place To Work UK certified company.

31 October 2022

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1ovmany is a Great Place To Work. This is a statement that means more than a certification to 1ovmany’s Co-Founders - Mike Horwath and Taner Kapucu.

Being a Great Place To Work is something that might have seemed like a pipe-dream to Mike and Taner just over a year ago.

They started their business in February 2020, amongst the unravelling chaos of a global pandemic, spending long days and even longer nights working from home offices to keep their vision alive.

Fast-forward nearly two years, and 1ovmany has become a bustling transformation agency of 14 people, with a likemindedness to reshape the face of work while loving the work they do.

Why being a Great Place To Work was important to us

Mike and Taner have always shared a common belief that businesses should be used as a force for good - and for change of course. It was this mindset that drove their desire to become a B-Corp.

In pursuit of B-Corp Certification, the Leadership Team at 1ovmany came across the Great Place To Work initiative.

Although this wasn’t a requirement towards becoming B-Corp Certified, it was something they knew would help showcase 1ovmany’s commitment to the bigger journey and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“Being certified as a Great Place To Work demonstrates our commitment to enabling our people, becoming more effective as an organisation and helps emphasise our people-centric ethos.

Mike and I have seen the inner workings of many consultancy-based organisations, and it was our desire to act and operate differently to the status quo that drove our thinking towards how we operationalise 1ovmany.”

- Taner Kapucu, 1ovmany Co-Founder

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What does it mean to be a Great Place To Work?

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture, built on the belief that great employee experiences are better for people, for business and for the world.

Employee experience is central to all the work 1ovmany do with clients and to the way the business is run internally.

Creating an environment where employees can not only thrive in their workspace, but enjoy being at work and reap all the advantages from coming into work, is a priority for the team at 1ovmany.

An integral part of creating this environment is establishing regular feedback loops, which again is something 1ovmany strongly endorse in their work with clients.

The employee survey required for Great Place To Work Certification was viewed as a great opportunity to receive company-wide feedback and institute a staple for managing and governing the business.

What makes 1ovmany a Great Place To Work?

Further feedback from employees helped provide insight into what makes 1ovmany a Great Place To Work and how it differs from other organisations they’ve worked in previously:

“The openness and honesty & the encouragement to be yourself and say when you are unsure.” - Becca Francis, Agile Consultant

“As a company in hyper-growth, you are constantly asked to grow with it, I learn something new every day.” - Solveig Bianchi, Operations Coordinator

“Mike and Taner genuinely care about the interests of everyone.”

- James Clarke, Principle Agile Coach

Collecting these valuable insights is how 1ovmany can move forward as an organisation and provide the best environment for its people to thrive.

1ovmany’s Finsbury Circus Office 1ovmany’s Finsbury Circus Office

Moving forward as a Great Place To Work

1ovmany intends to maintain its status of being a Great Place To Work, not just for the certification, but for its employees.

The hope is also that organisations will see 1ovmany’s certification as a Great Place To Work as being an indication that there is a deep understanding of the internal workings of businesses, and the emphasis that should be placed on employee experience and wellbeing.

“It’s a commitment to continue working on ourselves. This is how we want to be moving forward.” - Taner Kapucu.

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