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1ovmany knows your organisation has a wealth of human potential within it, your people are good and they’re working hard, but you know somehow that potential isn’t all being released. The little niggles that form as you deal with rapid growth and response to external challenges that seem to get in the way.

Distractions from the core business strategy build up and interference develops that inhibits the clarity of its communication. “It was so much simpler to all get on the same page when there were only 20 of us!” Dysfunctions appear to build up in the way teams work and organise, and things slow down, especially delivery; everyone is busy but somehow quality and delivery aren’t scaling as they should. It’s as frustrating for those working in the system as it is from a leadership perspective. The employee experience is defined by the why and how of the work they’re doing, which can rapidly be dominated by these “niggles” (that soon grow into real issues) rather than the organisation’s real purpose.

This is the context in which 1omany is built. It defines the core belief of our existence: that an organisation is most successful when its employee experience is the best it can be, which is only manifested when its business strategy and operational excellence are set up to allow it.

Why 1ovmany exists

1ovmany exists to help organisations transform their business strategy, ways of working, operational excellence and inner communication so they can function and scale effectively, nurture their culture as they grow and develop, and mature as places of work in which employees wake up in the morning excited to go. In short, to help organisations bring the best of

Whilst 1ovmany itself may be relatively young, the expertise behind it is extensive, mature and built by individuals who have faced challenges in a diverse range of organisations, including many household names. Our areas of expertise include:

  • business strategy and alignment including use of the OKR framework;
  • business agility taking on board the newest trends in ways of working, including agile methodologies;
  • leadership and team coaching designed to maximise the potential of knowledge workers to be more fulfilled in their roles; and
  • operational excellence in both software delivery and management of services in production, including all the specialisations required with DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to ensure you are operating in the best possible manner to serve your business.

We believe in a holistic approach. An organisation is a complex machine, and changes to one part will have knock-on effects on other areas within it. This means that change needs to be introduced carefully, with the expected outcomes and benefits clear and with openly identified metrics to measure the impact is as expected and get the earliest possible feedback on unexpected consequences.

The impact of the recent covid-19 crisis should have made it abundantly clear to the leadership of any organisation trying to soldier through the crisis and maintain business continuity that their employee experience is probably the single biggest factor in how effective and successful they can be. From having processes and culture that could adapt to widespread working from home to giving staff the right tooling for new ways of working, it has become clear that supporting people’s ability to create, engineer, operate and deliver should be at the heart of how an organisation functions. This is what we exist to help manifest.

However, we see our purpose with a wider view than purely a commercial lens allows. 1ovmany is committed to providing resources and support within its areas of expertise freely where possible. We see this as both a duty and a sensible way to further the aims of the company. It also helps us ensure the value of the services we provide on a commercial basis is truly exceptional. We are one of many consultancies, but we want to stand out from the many by virtue of our commitment to the wider, ethical picture of our purpose, by our directness in communicating and executing it, and the real value we offer.

Practically, this means that we will always look to share our insight, openly provide resources and guidance for leaders and organisations looking to make changes we can help support, and only provide partnership where needed and where we believe it will actually make a difference. It also means we’ll be honest with you if don’t think we can’t help on a commercial footing. We don’t mind helping to pick up the mess after a failed transformation, but we won’t help make one!

If you’d like to hear more from 1ovmany follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you found what you read here today interesting and have questions, please feel free to give us a call on 020 8016 2072, or fill in the “Connect with us” form and we’ll give you a call back.

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