OKR Framework; What you need to know and how to increase your OKR success

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OKR Framework Summary You may be a leader looking to adopt the OKR methodology in your organisation, or even someone who offers expertise in the OKR method, but in either circumstance, there is a lack of well-defined approaches for OKR implementation. The importance of an OKR framework, in the setting of and meeting strategic OKR, […]

What are OKRs really? And how to excel with them

What is OKR? At its simplest, OKR is an acronym for the OKR methodology, Objectives and key results (OKR). When training in OKRs that is usually the first question we are asked, so let’s get that out of the way. But what is OKR? According to Wikipedia, it is a goal-setting framework for defining and […]

How to prepare your Organisation for implementing OKRs successfully

You’re considering the adoption of OKRs for your organisation, and what you really need is help to understand what’s involved in getting from where you are now to actually using and implementing OKRs. You’ve probably found there is a wealth of content on the internet about the benefits of OKRs, but at this stage what […]