Capability as a Service

We can help you inject new capability and opportunity into your organisation as part of a wider strategic initiative or to fix and repair a burning issue.

what we do

It is inevitable at some point an organisation regardless of its size or stage in growth may need to bring in external expertise to help drive ongoing and future strategic direction, or pour water on a burning fire. 

1ovmany are your partner at that time. We design, build, implement and assure software delivery services including capability off-load to your existing teams for the successful development and management of product and services long after we are needed. 

what we do

Delivery assurance

Rapid and successful design, creation, implementation, and operation of software products.

Delivery management

We are there to help you balance the need for cross-functional autonomous teams with delivery pressure.

Teams as a service

We own the whole process from interviewing thought to delivery allowing you to focus where you need.

Design, Plan & Execute: We are highly experienced experts in the rapid creation and delivery of software products and the construct of hight effective and efficient teams. It’s what we do and it’s what we love.

How we do it: Our network of complementary and high skilled partners means we operate closer to that of a set of ‘micro-services’ than that of a slow cumbersome monolith organisation. This means that you get best in class across a set of services and the ability change direction at a moments notice. The future is skills as a service. 

Coaching as a service

Our coaching platform allows us to engage with you in micro-coaching services to solve your software engineering problems. We are plug-n-play expertise. 


We help organisations to become product-centric through training, coaching, Product-as-service and strategic training and coaching support to take you where you need to go. 

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